October 2020 – Route 36 Blog/Newsletter #11 – Indiana “Top Stops” on Route 36

October Blues What a difference a year makes! Last year in October I was out on Route 36 visiting with service club members, museum folks, librarians, bookstore owners, historical societies, and other denizens of the towns and cities along the highway. This year life is virtual and constrained. Eventually that will change. For now we hunke [...]

August 2020 – Route 36 Blog/Newsletter #10 – Highway Signage – Route 66 & Route 36

August 2020 Highway Signage - Route 66 and Route 36 Highway signage. It's an interesting topic. America's production of eye-catching commercial highway signage is nearly unique in the world. There's even an organization dedicated to the subject—The Society for Commercial Archeology ( Why Route 66? Entire books have ca [...]

April 2020 – Route 36 Blog/Newsletter #9 – Armchair Travel in the Time of Covid-19

April 2020 May book tour cancelled  -  Armchair Travel—Better Than No Travel At All In this unfortunate time of pandemic caution, I have had to cancel a much-anticipated book tour of Route 36 in May. Several “virtual” appearances with service clubs have been arranged, but the rest await re-scheduling later this year or even in 20 [...]

November 2019 – Route 36 Blog/Newsletter #8 – On the Road

 With a well-attended book launch in Denver in September and after 3,500 miles on the road in October, awareness of historic Route 36 is growing. On the Road in October   I love this panoramic photo of eastern Colorado’s magnificent High Plains. Please note: No semi trucks - in fact, no vehicles at all. It’s a peaceful, Zen-like [...]

September 2019 – Blog/Newsletter #7 – Book & Website Announced

[Note: March 24, 2020 - This short newsletter was circulated  in early September 2019 before making a speaking tour on Route 36 from late September through the third week of October.] Three announcements in this newsletter: The book is out and available for purchase at Look for the book title or for “Ferguson” and “Rou [...]

Route 36 Cover

Route 36: Ohio to Colorado—America’s Heartland Highway

by Allan McAllister Ferguson

From the foothills of the Appalachians to the soaring Rocky Mountains . . . Here’s your guide to US36—a great American road trip through the landscapes and communities of the nation’s Heartland. Leave the Interstates behind. Explore the “roads less traveled.” Discover a treasure trove of American history. Route 36 has it all. From Ohio to Colorado, this is Allan Ferguson’s love letter to the Midwest. When you read the Introduction, you’ll want to buy the book!

Learn More About the Book Here. | Buy Now on Amazon. | Buy Signed Author Copy.

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